• Due to Covid-19, all bootcamps are currently run with strict social distancing and cleaning measures.

  • Places are restricted to maximum numbers, and must now be booked

  • Booking is available via direct message, and through a closed group on facebook, where all updates will be posted, search for the group 'Mab-Fit Bootcamps' on Facebook. Or message me to ask any questions.

Mab-Fit bootcamps are challenging for all levels of fitness and experience. You push yourself to your own personal limits, driven on and motivated by your Mab-Fit bootcamp instructor. Using a wide range of different equipment including core bags, battle ropes, kettle bells, sand bags, hurdles, agility ladders, TRX ropes, med balls, and various other equipment, Mab-Fit bootcamps are different every time, ensuring new challenges week in, week out.

Mab-Fit bootcamp dates are released monthly, and are posted at the top of our facebook page and at the foot of this page. Please keep note of these dates to make sure bootcamp is running on the day you`re planning to go!

Current dates can be found                     

Fitness bootcamps originally began in the USA, surfacing in the UK in 1999, and have been growing in popularity ever since. Tracing back to military basic training, fitness bootcamps are the based on the same type of training methods the military use to get new recruits into shape. Bootcamps are a great way to stay in shape as part of your current training regime, or for a complete beginner, a great way to start getting in shape and losing weight. The versatility of bootcamps provide something different than normal gym based training, of which some people struggle to stick to. Which is a big reason why bootcamps are growing in popularity year on year. Variety keeps the mind sharp, and the body progressing.

Bootcamp circuit

Mab-Fit bootcamps are designed to give you a total body workout. Great for fat burning, muscular endurance, cardio, strength, functionality and co-ordination. While improving your fitness and health, Mab-Fit bootcamps also focus on bringing an element of fun and camaraderie into training, hitting the main focus of Mab-Fit - Mind And Body Fitness.

Part of the perks of attending regular Mab-Fit bootcamps is committed support from Ben at Mab-Fit, with nutritional, training, and general health advice available at the bootcamp sessions or through social media/SMS messaging.

My aim with all clients of Mab-Fit is to help self-improvement in all of you!

Bootcamp setup

Where are Mab-Fit Bootcamps?


  • The Mab-Fit bootcamps are held outside in the fresh air come rain or shine on all year round.


  • On Tuesday evenings bootcamps are all outside through the summer months (May-Oct) on the New Ash Green sportsfield (The Pavilion), with optional use of the hall should the weather be bad.


  • For the winter months (Oct-April) Tuesday evening bootcamps are indoors at our local village hall, Hartley Village Hall.

What to bring and what to wear?

  • Bring yourself, water, money to pay for the session (though this can be payed for via bank transfer or PayPal).

  • Wear general workout clothing, or loose clothing that you can move freely in.

  • In terms of footwear I`d recommend trail running trainers for maximum grip for outside sessions, but any kind of trainers are suitable. For indoor sessions, general gym trainers are fine.

  • Gloves are optional, I`d recommend gloves with some grip for using equipment safely.

  • In the winter months, wrap up warm on outdoor sessions, you can always take layers off. I`d recommend a base layer for both upper body and lower body, and as many layers as you think you`ll need for the conditions. I keep the sessions flowing and focus on warming up and staying warm for the duration of bootcamp.

  • Any valuables you have can be brought along in your own bag, or be kept in a valuables bag supplied by Mab-Fit so you`re free to jump around without any worries of keys or phones etc falling out of pockets and getting lost.

  • Mab-Fit also supply waterproof plastic bags to keep valuables safe in should the event of some wet weather appear.


*All valuables brought to Mab-Fit bootcamps are at your own discretion*

As bootcamps are outside, taken on a sports field, be prepared to possibly get a little muddy, we`ll try to keep this to a minimum. 


Any questions on clothing feel free to message me.

Bootcamp fitness


Single session - £6 per bootcamp

Payable via cash at the session, bank transfer, or PayPal



Blocks of 5 sessions - £25 / Blocks of 10 sessions - £50

Payable via cash at the session, bank transfer, or PayPal

(Ask for payment details)


Tuesday evenings - Session 1: 6pm-6:45pm

                                              Session 2: 7pm-7:45pm

INDOORS - Hartley Village Hall

Thursday evenings - 6:45pm-7:30pm

OUTDOORS - New Ash Green Rugby field

   Current scheduled dates:


  • Tuesday October 6th

  • Thursday October 8th

  • Tuesday October 13th

  • Thursday October 15th

  • Tuesday October 20th

  • Thursday October 22nd

  • Tuesday October 27th

  • Thursday October 29th


- 9 people per session on Tuesdays 

- 30 people per session on Thursdays 

 Message Mab-Fit to book your session 

Tuesdays: From the Saturday prior to the session

- Thursdays: Anytime 

Mab-Fit bootcamps located on the New Ash Green sports field (The Pavilion) on Thursdays. And at Hartley Village Hall on Tuesdays during the winter months.


See both addresses here


For any questions or enquiries please