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Training & Nutrition


MAB-FIT fitness and nutrition programmes are available to anyone, anywhere, for any lifestyle.

If you struggle to get results with your current schedule, and your current training regime, it`s time to revise what you`re doing, what works for one person may not work for another. It`s a process of elimination in alot of cases, both with nutrition and physical work.

Whether you`re training with MAB-FIT in any of our training sessions available, and want something extra to push you further forward. You may have a current gym membership but struggle with ideas and staying on target. Or you may have something specific to train for such as a sport or physical challenge for example. A MAB-FIT fitness and nutrition programme could make the difference that you're looking for.


You may alternatively be a complete gym or work out novice, looking for ideas to get you started in the gym or even just for working out at home. A personalised programme could be the perfect way to get you off the mark and build your confidence, while helping you stay on track and keeping you motivated.

The programmes themselves are tailored specifically around you and your needs, whether you need a strict and structured programme, with meal plans etc. Or if you need something more relaxed to give you flexible options and some nutritional advice and guidelines to go with it, it`s all about finding what works for you.


With video demonstrations included as part of your programme as an option, our programmes are designed to be as detailed yet easy to work from as possible. Even if you can`t train with MAB-FIT at any of our sessions (you may be the other side of the country or even the world for example), you can still take on the MAB-FIT mindset and hit your goals with us. With online support, skype, email, phone, text and social media messaging all available for contact options you can receive help along the way if or when you need it. Once your programme is set up and tailored specifically to you, we`ll be with you for any support all the way through your programme!

Currently under going updates.

New plan structures coming soon in 2020!!!

to be first on the list for a new training/nutrition plan!!