Personal training, or PT (as it is abbreviated to) is ideal for those who struggle to get the desired results on their own. Whether you`re looking at training for weight loss, injury/illness recovery, general health and well-being, or a sport or physical challenge, PT can really be the key to unlocking the best results in yourself.

At MAB-FIT we focus on the individual, the way PT should be with any trainer should be that it is tailored specifically to the individual. We analyse your strengths and weaknesses, we discuss your goals and targets, and we find the best way to get you there. Through the right physical and mental approach for you as an individual, there are no boundaries of what you can achieve! Check out the trainer page to find out more about MAB-FIT owner and trainer, Ben Clark, and his style of training.

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Training for health, injury or illness recovery and weight loss

Training for any of the above can be a real tough personal challenge. PT with MAB-FIT will ensure you stay focused, with various nutrition and training advice, daily support and motivation to keep you on track. One-to-one MAB-FIT sessions focus on you as an individual, we build trust in each other, and tackle any issues along the way. We become a strong team. The real key to success is consistency and mindset. With MAB-FIT you`ll be stronger in the mind, as well as the body.

Training for challenges
Training for physical challenges with MAB-FIT one-to-one PT sessions can really help your self belief, confidence, and physical conditioning to achieve that challenge. Whether you`re planning on climbing a mountain, running a marathon, entering a tough mudder or Spartan race-like event. Or even planning a hiking or skiing holiday for example, PT with MAB-FIT will give you the tools you need both mentally and physically to achieve your goal and succeed in your challenge.
Sports coaching
Training for sport
If you`re a participant of any sport, on any level from professional to amateur, MAB-FIT personal training can help you aspire to the levels of competition not only where you want to be, but where you need to be! With experience in training competitors in the British Superbike championships, equestrian competitors at National level, footballers, and Go-Kart racers, we pride ourselves in the success of our results.
A big part of any modern sport is to not only be in top physical condition, but also in top mental condition. In order to achieve your goals, whatever your chosen sport is, if your mindset is not quite right, if the self belief is not there, you won`t achieve your true potential. MAB-FIT personal training will bring the best out in you, that is a promise! With first hand experience in competing in various sports, Ben has been there and done it, we`ve experienced both the highs and the lows of sport. With an analytical approach, we can bring the best out in you in whatever your chosen sport may be.
  • MAB-FIT mobile personal training - Bringing equipment to you, allowing you the convenience of training in your own home, garden or local area. In the modern world, time restricts all of us, therefore a different alternative to travelling to train may be advantageous to you! With various mobile equipment, we can bring the gym to you! We are also prepared to train you in your local gym, pending an agreement with your gym.


  • MAB-FIT open air outside PT - Training either in your local area or ours on the local sports field in New Ash Green. We have all the equipment necessary to bring the gym outside. Outside PT is great to clear the head as well as adding something different to your training, keeping things fresh is important for motivation. This can also be advantageous if you`re a runner or aspiring runner, Ben is an ultra marathon runner, and will help you with anything from a couch-to-5k to a competitive running race or a marathon.


  • MAB-FIT gym PT - We train many of our clients in our local gym, Clocktower Gym in New Ash Green, Longfield, Kent. Which has a vast amount of equipment available from weights and cardio equipment through to some awesome functional training equipment, giving us plenty of variety at our disposal. Check out the Clocktower gym for yourself

Sports coaching
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Equestrian training
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Prices - Single sessions

  • Gym PT sessions at Clocktower gym in New Ash Green - £30 per session

  • Outside open air PT sessions - £30 per session

  • Mobile PT at your home or local area - £30-£50 per session (depending on location, to cover travel and time costs. Contact us to discuss)

Block bookings:   


  • 10 x Gym PT sessions = £280 (saving £20 off 10 single sessions)

  • 10 x Outside PT sessions = £270 (saving £30 off 10 single sessions)

  • 10 x Mobile PT sessions = £20 off the agreed rate of the total of 10 sessions


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Payment options via cash at the session, bank transfer, or PayPal below       


  • 1 x PT session (Outside)


  • 1 x PT session (Mobile) - Contact us



  • 1 x PT session (Gym)    





  • 10 x PT sessions (Outside)



  • 10 x PT sessions (Mobile) - Contact us



  • 10 x PT sessions (Gym)