Name :  Ben Clark               


I qualified as a Level 3 Personal Trainer in 2013, since then I have furthered my learning in gaining experience working in gyms, training many PT (personal training) clients, with all kinds of different goals and physical/mental obstacles to overcome. I have also instructed many fitness classes ranging from bootcamps to circuit training and aqua aerobics. And I have furthered my learning into vast nutritional and psychology studies. Branching into sports coaching, in which I have trained athletes in the British superbike championships, in National dressage horse trials, and lower league footballers.

​I have always had a strong competitive edge, and have competed in motorcycle racing, boxing, and football in the past. With motorcycle racing being my main sport, in which I competed in the British Motorcycle Racing Club on 600cc and 1000cc motorcycles. I am now giving myself a new sporting challenge and have started competing in ultra marathons, OCR events (obstacle course racing), and I have also started mountaineering with aspirations of summiting the highest mountains in the world in future years, which has been a life long ambition for me. Follow my social media on Instagram & facebook to see what I get up to, search for @mabfituk. I`ll also be uploading various footage of these events on YouTube, see the link below and subscribe to my channel to keep up to date of new videos.

​Through my sports experience I have obtained a good understanding of strength and conditioning training, achieving some great results with clients. I have also gained vast experience with the psychological side of being prepared for, and performing in any sport or physical challenge, which can be make or break when it comes to success.

It is my belief that if the mindset of a person is right, then anything can be possible. Any goal can be achieved. You just have to have and maintain the belief that it is possible, however big or small that goal may be. It`s a case of unlocking that mindset, which I love the challenge of finding in people.  

Having experienced a life threatening illness, in which I lost my health and my fitness back in 2010, along with complications with an epidural during the operation, which caused temporary paralysis and nerve damage down my right side. My dreams of becoming a professional motorcycle racer were over, my world turned upside down. As a follow on result of this I suffered weight gain and depression, which I have now come to realise was all part of my personal growth. You never believe bad things can happen to you until they do, but it`s how you deal with it that counts. Having to fight back to fitness both physically and mentally, this changed me as a person, shaped me into the individual I am today and inspired me to qualify as a personal trainer. I wouldn`t change it.

To help others to reach their goals, re-gain their health, and improve their quality of life, through weight loss, accomplishing challenges, overcoming obstacles and making themselves the best version of themselves they can be. That is what I`m in this industry for. As a trainer, I believe that if you`re not making other peoples lives better, then you`re wasting your time. I don`t need to post topless pictures like other influencers because I believe that has a negative affect on most people, those that do that are just attention seeking. And I`m all about positivity!

It`s not easy, but everyone can get where they want to be if they put their mind to it and put the effort in.

The only disability in life is a bad attitude.

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